Embrace the Elegance of the 18th Century

Are you looking for a way to bring your Renaissance or fantasy cosplay to the next level?

Our 18th-century stays are custom-fit, high-quality, and built with the highest quality materials. They’re ideal for any occasion where you want to feel like your best self—from the faire to the convention!

We know that when you’re in costume, you have so much on your mind: how do I look? What is my character’s backstory? How can I make sure my costume is authentic and well-made? We get it. Our stays are made with care and attention to detail, so you can focus on what really matters: having fun!

1. Green Linen 18th Century Stays

Indulge in a touch of Renaissance glamour with our green linen 18th-century stays, crafted with luxurious dark green linen and designed to accentuate the bust and waist with front and back lacing, a low scooping neckline, and curvy waist tabs. Experience the durability and breathability of historically accurate linen, built to last through the ages, for regular wear or the most special of occasions.

2. Black Rosey Floral 18th Century Stays

Elevate your wardrobe with our elegant black rosey floral 18th-century stays, a masterpiece of timeless style from a black cotton canvas featuring delicate rose and leaf motifs. Invest in a gorgeous piece, great for any regal occasion 

3. Black and Pink Brocade 18th Century Stays

Adorn yourself in the grandeur of 18th-century fashion with our custom-made black and pink brocade 18th-century stays. Designed for enthusiasts of  Rococo style, these stays feature a black and pink fabric adorned with an extravagant floral design of pink, gold, silver, and blue, making it the perfect centerpiece for any historical ensemble

4. Parisian Countryside Blue 18th Century Stays

Transport yourself to the idyllic French countryside with our custom-made Parisian countryside blue 18th-century stays. With its Ciel blue floral Jacobean fabric and front ribbon details, this stay evokes the luxurious and playful style of Marie Antoinette and the Late Baroque era. Whether you’re running through palace halls or taking tea in rose gardens, it’s a must-have companion for any Rococo-inspired daydreamer.

5. Natural Linen 18th Century Stays

Step back in time with our natural linen 18th-century stays, featuring front and back lacing for adjustability, a low scooping neckline for support and accentuation, and curvy waist tabs for definition. The historically accurate natural, undyed linen fabric is strong and dense, reminiscent of 18th-century undergarments. Use it for both Outlander cosplays or as a foundation for any 18th-century costume.

6. Blue and Pink Rococo 18th Century Stays

Enhance your historical wardrobe with these blue and pink 18th-century stays, a must-have centerpiece for those who love exuberant elegance. With front and back lacing for adjustability, a low scooping neckline for support and accentuation, and curvy waist tabs for definition, this stunning light blue and pink floral fabric paired with matching pink ribbons is the perfect addition to any 18th-century ensemble

7. Pink and Silver Jacquard 18th Century Stays

Revive the fashion of the past with these pink and silver jacquard 18th-century stays. Designed with features such as front and back lacing for adjustability, a low scooping neckline for support and accentuation, and curvy waist tabs for definition, the fabric boasts a pattern of silver and pink floral motifs on a white background, adding a touch of elegance to any historical wardrobe! 

8. Grey Floral 18th Century Stays

Wear these 18th-century style stays, and you’ll be instantly taken to a time of elegant refinement. You’ll be able to attend balls, galas, and banquets with ease—and the front and back lacing will make it easy to adjust your stays as needed. The low scooping neckline will accentuate your bust while providing support, while the curvy waist tabs will help define your waist and make you look like a true lady of leisure!

Processing Time

All made-to-order items are handmade in Portland, Oregon. This means that your item will take some time for us to make — typically between 6-10 weeks, depending on our current order volume.

You can guarantee your processing time by selecting a Priority Processing Upgrade from the drop-down menu.

Please note that the processing time does not include shipping time. For example, an item purchased today with a 4 week processing time will be shipped 4 weeks from today.

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Please note that the estimated delivery date is just an estimate. We only have a small team of fairies to help pattern, cut, sew, and ship your order, so sometimes orders can get delayed by a week or two. If you need your order by an exact date, we highly recommend adding Priority Processing to your order.

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