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It’s Time To Add a Blue Corset to Your Ensemble

Blue is the color of the sky and the sea, a color that brings to mind the sensation of freedom and boundless possibility. It’s no wonder, then, that blue corsets are a favorite among Renaissance Faire-goers and fantasy cosplayers alike!

It can be worn as an accent color or as an accessory color, and it’s absolutely ideal for spring and summer. Our blue corsets are a timeless classic, and they are the complete accessory for your next Renaissance costume.

1. Blue Floral Tapestry Bodice

A dreamlike floral bodice, made from richly woven jacquard tapestry fabric. The intricate floral motifs on this fabric are inspired by wildflowers, and will make you feel like a true noblewoman.

This blue corset is made from a jacquard tapestry fabric that features an assortment of vibrant wildflowers in various colors. It has a vintage look and feel that will add an elegant touch to any ensemble.

2. Navy Blue Embroidered Renaissance Bodice

A dark blue Renaissance bodice, with a unique fabric consisting of a dark blue background and dark blue embroidery in an intricate paisley pattern. This corset is great for Renaissance Faires and other fantasy events, or even just for wearing as a costume piece. 

3. Snow White Blue and Gold Jacquard Stays

Embrace your inner princess with our Blue and Gold Jacquard Stays. Inspired by the magical world of Snow White, this stunning corset is excellent for any fair maiden. The deep blue fabric with gold swirls is a fitting choice for any princess, and the blue and gold jacquard design is a Renaissance classic. No matter if you’re singing with birds in your cottage or foraging amidst the rabbits, this corset will make you feel like the embodiment of effortless elegance.

4. Garden Snakes Blue Floral Renaissance Bodice

Our Midnight Snake Garden Corset is made for modern-day witches and Dark CottageCore enthusiasts. The dark blue fabric captures the mysterious wanderings of little snakes through a garden at midnight, while the subtle scoop neck style and pointed waist add a touch of old-world glamour. The dainty dark blue ribbons and matching trim make this corset a truly enchanting choice.

5. Bees on Blue Linen Elizabethan Stays

For those who adore bees and the CottageCore aesthetic, our Blue Linen Embroidered Bee Bodice is the right choice. This stunning corset is made from a luxurious blue linen fabric and features beautiful golden bees embroidered in the center front panel. Styled after Elizabethan and Tudor style stays, this corset is precisely for wearing to Renaissance Faires or incorporating into your CottageCore wardrobe.

6. Blue Mushroom Renaissance Bodice

Join the ranks of forest fairy queens with our Blue Mushroom Renaissance Bodice. This stunning corset is the perfect choice for all your forest adventures and features a blue background with an assortment of mushroom friends. Whether you’re attending a fairy-themed event or simply want to add a touch of fantasy to your everyday attire, our Blue Mushroom Renaissance Bodice is sure to make you feel like a true queen of the forest.

7. Teal Linen Renaissance Bodice

This teal corset is not just a garment—it’s an heirloom. It will stand the test of time and provide you with a level of comfort and support that you never thought possible.

When you’ve got this corset on, you can feel confident in knowing that it will be there for you no matter what comes your way. Regardless if you’re wearing it as part of an elaborate fantasy costume or just looking for something to exude confidence and beauty, this corset is the right choice!

8. Light Blue Embroidered Floral Renaissance Bodice

Who says that you can’t be feminine and strong?

This corset is made of the sweetest shade of light blue fabric, with embroidered floral motifs, and is a true work of art. The light blue color is so delicate and feminine, and the floral embroidery makes it perfect for any Renaissance Faire or other whimsical events you might have in mind.

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