Brown Corsets: More Than a Beautiful Accessory

A Renaissance Faire is a celebration of history, art, and culture.

It’s a chance to dress up in your best clothes, take in the sights and sounds, and appreciate the past while you’re there.

But did you know that wearing brown corsets can help you cosplay more effectively?

Brown corsets are made to be worn with all other colors, so they’re more versatile than our other colored corsets—you can wear them with almost anything! If you want to really get into character at a Renaissance Faire or fantasy festival, then these corsets will be a great addition to your wardrobe.

1. Natural Linen 18th Century Stays

This brown corset is a perfect foundation for any 18th-century costume — whether you’re dressing up as the heroine of Outlander or dressing up in your best Regency gowns.

The fabric is historically accurate: made from undyed linen, it’s strong, dense, and perfectly suited to bespoke undergarments. It’s reminiscent of the natural fabrics used in the 18th century, so you’ll feel like you’re wearing something authentic as well as comfortable.

2. Ivory and Brown Toile Renaissance Bodice

This ivory and light brown Renaissance bodice features a whimsical 17th century pastoral scene. The low scoop neckline accentuates the bust, and an extra pointy waistline delicately narrows the waist. It’s perfect for festivals, Renaissance Faires, or any other time you want to feel like royalty.

3. Maroon and Brown Tapestry Bodice

You’ll feel like royalty in this gorgeous, maroon, and brown tapestry bodice. The intricate weave and varying shades of maroon and brown give it a unique texture that will add an extra touch of luxury to any outfit. It’s the perfect accessory for your fall wardrobe and can be worn with any dress or skirt!

4. Cat Tapestry Brown and Black Bodice

The Cat’s Meow. This tapestry brown bodice is perfect for any feline fashionista, featuring an assortment of cats intricately woven in a 100% cotton jacquard tapestry fabric.

5. Retro Renaissance Bodice

The perfect addition to your 70s-inspired, psychedelic, or boho-inspired outfit, this brown corset features a retro paisley design in different shades of brown, copper, rust, bronze, and gold.

6. Moroccan Red/Beige Underbust Bodice

If you’re looking for an exotic, eye-catching bodice to add some flair to your outfit, look no further. This brown corset features an abstract Moroccan style design with red, brown, beige, and black tones on a linen blend fabric.

7. Embroidered Daisy 18th Century Stays

If you’re looking for a summer corset that will make you feel like a woodland fairy, then look no further. Our Embroidered Daisy 18th Century Stays are the perfect accessory for your next Renaissance Faire or fairy princess costume.

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