Corset Belts Are a True Piece of Art

When you’re looking to add a bit of flair to your costume, you can’t go wrong with one of our handmade corset belts. Our corset belts are made with high-quality fabric and are the ideal accessory for a Renaissance or fantasy outfit. They’re also great for everyday wear and will give you an extra boost of confidence in your style game.

We custom-make each belt according to your measurements, so they’ll fit great and are guaranteed to be a true piece of craftsmanship that will last for years to come. And because they’re handmade, no two belts will ever be exactly alike!

1. Teal Witchy Corset Belt

The teal green colored corset belt features an assortment of spooky things, including cats, potions, mushrooms, and frogs.

The wearer can embrace their inner witch with this corset belt made from 100% cotton canvas, a sustainable and durable fabric that will hold up to years of use.

2. Yellow Floral Corset Belt

This corset belt is made from 100% cotton fabric in golden mustard yellow and is embroidered with a variety of foliage remenscent of Autumn. It can be paired easily with costume pieces for Renaissance Faire costumes, and transition seamlessly into everyday wear as a statement belt.

The wearer may find themselves as an autumn goddess or a woodland fairy. Perhaps they are the benevolent ruler of the forest, or perhaps they are the queen of all things wild. The possibilities are endless!

3. Dark Red Tapestry Corset Belt

This intricately woven jacquard tapestry fabric features an assortment of floral motifs in shades of dark red, pink, green, and gold. The vintage style fabric makes this bodice an easy and timeless addition to your wardrobe.

A corset belt like this is for both formal occasions and casual day-to-day wear. You can dress it up with a long sleeve blouse or dress it down and wear it casually above jeans. 

4. Cat Tapestry Corset Belt

A dreamy, lovely corset belt sure to inspire hundreds of compliments.

The beautiful tapestry bodice is perfect for any friend of felines, featuring an assortment of cats intricately woven in a 100% cotton jacquard tapestry fabric.

This cat corset belt makes you feel like you’re wearing something from another era, but it’s still grounded in reality—it’s just that the reality is a little bit more purrrfect than ours!

5. Black Wildflower Corset Belt

This black corset belt has an assortment of embroidered wildflowers on a black cotton background. It pairs easily with dresses, jeans, and skirts for an instantly elevated cottage-core look.

When you wear it, you’ll be transported into a different world—one where the sun always shines and springtime flowers bloom all year round.



Processing Time

All made-to-order items are handmade in Portland, Oregon. This means that your item will take some time for us to make — typically between 6-10 weeks, depending on our current order volume.

You can guarantee your processing time by selecting a Priority Processing Upgrade from the drop-down menu.

Please note that the processing time does not include shipping time. For example, an item purchased today with a 4 week processing time will be shipped 4 weeks from today.

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Please note that the estimated delivery date is just an estimate. We only have a small team of fairies to help pattern, cut, sew, and ship your order, so sometimes orders can get delayed by a week or two. If you need your order by an exact date, we highly recommend adding Priority Processing to your order.

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