Step Back in Time With Our Regal Cosplay Corsets

Perfect for any Renaissance Faire or fantasy roleplay, these corsets will cinch you in and help you experience your inner nobility. No matter if you’re a beautiful queen or a fair maiden, our cosplay corsets will add whimsy and fantasy to your ensemble.

Our custom corsets are the epitome of elegance and style. They are handmade at our studio in the Pacific Northwest using the highest quality fabrics and materials, and our line of cosplay corsets is no exception.

1. Snow White Blue and Gold Jacquard Stays

Inspired by the classic tale of Snow White in her cottage, this cosplay corset features a deep blue fabric adorned with golden swirls. Realize your inner princess and channel effortless elegance with these stunning Renaissance-inspired corsets. Whether you’re singing with the birds or foraging amidst the rabbits, these stays will make you feel like royalty

2. Swan Princess Gown

Magic of true love come to life with our Swan Princess Cosplay Corset Gown. This stunning Renaissance-inspired gown will transport you into the fairytale of your dreams and transform you into the kind of princess they write stories about. For brides, fairytale lovers, and cosplay queens, the Swan Princess is an elegant choice for any special occasion.

3. Teal Linen Renaissance Bodice

Add a touch of fantasy to your Renaissance wardrobe with our Teal Linen Renaissance Bodice. This classic corset is made from breathable linen and features a vibrant teal hue that is great for a Merida cosplay, sea witch outfit, or Ren Faire costume. No Renaissance ensemble is complete without this structured and eye-catching corset.

4. Winnifred Sanderson Corset Dress

Unleash your inner wicked witch with our Winnifred Sanderson Cosplay Corset Dress. Inspired by the Hocus Pocus character, this cosplay corset is ideal for roleplaying as the evil witch herself. Make amends with your dark side and add a little bit of magic to your ensemble with this enchanting corset dress.

5. Mary Sanderson Corset in Burgundy Silk Dupioni

Become this legendary Sanderson sister with our Mary Sanderson Corset in Burgundy Silk Dupioni. This enchanting cosplay corset is inspired by the famous sister herself and is made from a luxurious shade of brick red/burgundy silk dupioni. Get ready to bring your Hocus Pocus dreams to life with this magical cosplay corset.

6. Sarah Sanderson Corset

Transform into the third Sanderson sister with our Sarah Sanderson Corset. This enchanting cosplay corset is inspired by the classic Hocus Pocus character and is available in two different fabric options: pink floral satin or mauve silk dupioni. The pink satin option is a 100% polyester jacquard fabric with delicate floral motifs woven into the fabric.

Processing Time

All made-to-order items are handmade in Portland, Oregon. This means that your item will take some time for us to make — typically between 6-10 weeks, depending on our current order volume.

You can guarantee your processing time by selecting a Priority Processing Upgrade from the drop-down menu.

Please note that the processing time does not include shipping time. For example, an item purchased today with a 4 week processing time will be shipped 4 weeks from today.

Standard size corsets/stays are considered made-to-order unless otherwise noted. For custom fit items, this processing time begins from the time you submit your measurements. Failure to submit your measurements in a timely manner could result in your order being delayed.

Please note that the estimated delivery date is just an estimate. We only have a small team of fairies to help pattern, cut, sew, and ship your order, so sometimes orders can get delayed by a week or two. If you need your order by an exact date, we highly recommend adding Priority Processing to your order.

*Please note that the estimated delivery date will not update on this page, regardless of which Processing option you select.