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In the World of Faeries

Embrace the magic and beauty of the faerie kingdom with our stunning collection of fantasy clothing and accessories, great for cosplay and Renaissance Faires. Become the bold hero of your own story and let your true self shine!

1. Moss Green Embroidered Floral Renaissance Bodice

Blend seamlessly into the forest with our moss green Renaissance bodice, emblazoned with embroidered floral motifs. This corset is the ideal shade of green, evoking the lush moss and ivy that surrounds the fairy realm.

2. Pink Embroidered Floral Renaissance Bodice

This pink embroidered floral Renaissance bodice is a magical addition to any faerie-inspired ensemble. Handcrafted with feminine pink flowers and intricate embroidery, it will transport you to a world of awe.

3. Amanita Mushroom Necklace

This Amanita Mushroom Necklace is a fairy tale come to life. Wear this necklace to your next forest gathering and you’ll feel yourself transported to a whole new world. The two red little amanita muscaria mushrooms on the gold-colored chain will make you feel like you’ve just stepped out of the pages of a storybook.

4. Light Pink Jacquard Renaissance Bodice

This ornate bodice features a soft pink background with rose gold and pink foliage and flowers swirling across it. The subtle scoop neckline is highlighted by a pointy waistline curve that adds just the right amount of shape to your silhouette.

5. Pink Charmeuse Ruffled Renaissance Chemise

This Renaissance chemise is made with silky pink charmeuse fabric that is soft, flowy, and luxurious. It can be worn on or off the shoulders and is a staple for wearing under corsets and stays, or on its own. Its pink fabric has a glow that makes it easy to imagine yourself dancing around in a field of flowers on a warm summer night.

6. Moss Earrings

Let the magic of nature grace your ears with these enchanting moss earrings. Each dewdrop-shaped vial holds a precious sprig of moss and a glistening dew-like bead, captured and preserved for all eternity. The cork stopper, attached to a silver fish hook backing, keeps the contents safely within. These earrings are an excellent addition to any Goblin Core or Cottage Core outfit, or a thoughtful gift for any nature-loving faerie in your life.

7. Blue Butterfly Earrings

Flutter through the world with these incredible butterfly earrings. Each dainty little butterfly, crafted from silky chiffon and striking faux pearls, will add a touch of magic to your Cottage Core, Elf, Fairy, or whimsical inspired nature collection. Let the fluttering of these magnificent creatures grace your ears as you wander the paths of the Renaissance Faire, and become one with the beauty of nature.

8. Light Blue Embroidered Floral Renaissance Bodice

This ethereal piece, crafted from the a gorgeous light blue fabric, is adorned with delicate embroidered floral motifs. The sweetest shade of light blue evokes the softness and delicacy of the fairy realm, making you feel like a true faerie queen.

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