Halflings Have a Certain Look

Delightful and captivating, our corsets, costumes, and accessories are perfect for attaining that authentic small-folk appearance at any gathering or harvest celebration. Shop now and elevate your halfling cosplay to new heights!

1. Green Linen Renaissance Cloak

Whether you’re an introverted forest-dweller who yearns for excitement but is too timid to pursue it, an honorable defender who has renounced violence but finds themselves pulled into conflict, or a playful trouble-maker who roams around causing mischief, this verdant green cloak will bring out your inner small-folk essence!

2. Ginger Linen Renaissance Skirt

Embrace the nature of your peaceful and familiar homeland with our ginger brown linen skirt, perfect for the cozy and unassuming halfling lifestyle.

This skirt is made from a beautiful shade of ginger brown and a soft, breathable linen fabric that would make Tolkien proud. An elastic waistband gives the skirt a comfortable fit around your waist.

3. Dark Green Velvet Renaissance Bodice

This forest-green velvet corset highlights nature’s beauty and will make you feel costume-appropriate no matter if you’re sipping hot cocoa with friends and family, or picking mushrooms in the nearby woods. The thick, durable velvet fabric gives support without skimping on luxury and is excellent for both Halfling cosplay and Renaissance fantasy alike. 

4. Garden Snakes Floral Renaissance Bodice

Our Garden Snakes blue floral Renaissance bodice is inspired by full-bellied halflings and features a fabric design fit for entertaining guests and watching the clouds roll by all the same. Designed with a subtle scoop neck and a low neckline to enhance the bust, this bodice also has a pointed waistline. The lacing and adjustable shoulder straps are made with dark blue ribbons and finished with a matching blue trim. 

5. Blue Floral Tapestry Bodice

This blue floral tapestry bodice would unquestionably be found in any self-respecting halfling’s wardrobe. Crafted with a rich, intricately woven jacquard tapestry fabric, it boasts an array of floral designs in a variety of wildflower hues. The vintage style of this bodice makes it a classic addition to any wardrobe, especially if you’re the type of Halfling that’s gardening and feasting inclined. 

6. Blue Mushroom Renaissance Bodice

The blue mushroom Renaissance bodice is a corset designed for those who love to explore the forest foraging for mushrooms! The corset fabric is adorned with a variety of fungi set against a classic blue background. Crafted with intricate details and durability in mind, it is a great choice for all small-folk who enjoy forest mischief, camping, and picnicking in the woods.

7. Amanita Mushroom Necklace

The Halfling’s mushroom necklace is a charming accessory that boasts two delightful red amanita muscaria mushrooms on a delicate chain of gold. This necklace is perfect for those who adore the CottageCore style. The mushroom pendant measures approximately 1 inch tall and 3/4 inch wide, hanging from an adjustable 18-20 inch chain. It can be worn to complement your CottageCore wardrobe or as a thoughtful gift for a nature-loving friend.

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