An Orange Corset To Take On the World

Orange is the color of the sun, fire, and autumn leaves. It’s a vibrant hue that evokes warmth, energy, and passion. It’s also associated with royalty, which means it makes a great option for any cosplay inspired by the Renaissance era.

Whether you’re dressing up as a queen or princess, or just looking for something to help complete your costume at a Renaissance-themed event, our orange corsets will make you feel like royalty.

1. Orange and Yellow Paisley Renaissance Bodice

This corset is a truly unique and beautiful piece. The intricate, hand-woven designs weave together the varying shades of orange, gold, blue and yellow on a beige jacquard fabric with a gold satin trim. The paisley motifs are intricately woven into the surface of this bodice and make it good for many occasions, including your next Renaissance Faire or costume party.

2. Orange Bees Renaissance Bodice

If you’re looking to step into a fantasy roleplay, look no further than this bodice fabric featuring white bees on a golden-orange colored background.

The bees on this Renaissance bodice fabric are made of white satin and golden orange silk, and they dance across the fabric like they’re enjoying a spring day in June. The result is a fabric that’s as unique and fun as it is elegant.

3. Burnt Orange Corduroy Renaissance Corset

This rust-colored corset is made from polyester dupioni fabric and will easily make this the centerpiece of your costume. The rich luster of this burnt orange corduroy fabric will change between shades of copper and rust as you move, while absorbing and reflecting the light. It’s an amazing piece that will add an ethereal effect to any outfit.

4. Poppy and Gold Floral Elizabethan Stays

Who says you can’t be both wild and elegant? If you’re looking for that ideal blend of summer wildflowers and autumn foliage, look no further than the Poppy and Gold Floral Elizabethan Stays. The vibrant colors of the flowers on the laces match the golden hue of the garment; it’s as if nature itself has created this garment for you.

5. Falling Leaves Orange and Gold Paisley Renaissance Corset

Welcome the changing of the seasons with our stunning paisley corset, adorned with intricate golden leaves and orange vines. Reminiscent of cool autumn breezes and falling leaves, this corset will have you longing for the season all year round. Its romantic and bohemian style makes it excellent for Renaissance Faires and hobbit cosplays. Let the colors of the season inspire your style with this must-have corset.

6. Embroidered Mushroom Renaissance Bodice

Embrace the bold and beautiful with our Embroidered Mushroom Renaissance Bodice. This corset is a true showstopper, featuring intricate embroidery of mushrooms on a luxurious corduroy fabric in a rich burnt orange hue. The color orange is often associated with passion, creativity, and confidence, making it the perfect choice for those who want to add a touch of medieval charm to their everyday attire. Our embroidered mushroom Renaissance bodice is both fun and a stylish head turner!

7. Retro Renaissance Bodice

Add a pop of color to your wardrobe with our orange 70s-inspired paisley bodice. This vibrant corset features shades of brown, copper, rust, bronze, and gold, making it add to the neutral palettes or any 70s, retro, psychedelic, or boho inspired outfit. The bold hue of orange is sure to turn heads, making it a must-have for any fan of retro fashion.

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