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Build Your Cottagecore Aesthetic

Introducing our brand new collection of cottagecore accessories, cottagecore dresses, skirts, chemises and blouses designed in partnership with like-minded designers and cottage core enthusiasts all over the word.

The CottageCore aesthetic is growing in popularity, with more and more people looking for the nature-based style of comfort. We want to help you achieve that authentic look! These elegant designs are both stylish and eco-conscious.

1. Cottagecore Bee Necklace

It's time to inject some magic into your day. This little guy is ready to spread his wings and take flight with you. He will happily accompany you while you hike up hills, play on the beach, walk in a park, or just relax with a cup of tea. Select the winged friend bee necklace and add a dash of CottageCore or fairy aesthetic to your wardrobe or as a gift to any nature loving friend.

2. White Floral Hair Bow 

This sweet white floral hair bow is handmade and attached to a cute French barrette clip that’s easy to clip into your hair. The delicate flowers feature pink centers and will add a hint of beauty to any outfit. This hair accessory can be added to the front or back of your head and worn with all kinds of outfits, from your CottageCore pieces to your Vintage or Boho outfits.

3. Pink Butterfly Earrings

These delightful pink butterfly earrings possess all the magic of soft butterfly wings, and faux pearls and rhinestones. They are absolutely ideal for CottageCore, Elf, Fairy, and any other whimsical-inspired nature outfit.

4. Mushroom Earrings

These mushroom earrings make a quirky style statement that draw inspiration from our beautiful Pacific Northwest woods and forests. Perfectly paired with any CottageCore item in our collection.

5. Embroidered Lace Hair Bow

This oversized embroidered lace hair bow is made from antique and vintage-inspired, embroidered patterned lace. Secured with a CottageCore French barrette clip in the back, this bow will remain attached to the hair and be easy to remove.

6. Crescent Moon Necklace

This golden crescent moon necklace is great for a variety of looks. Pair it with Renaissance Faire, fairy, nymph, tarot, or CottageCore looks, or incorporate it into your daily wardrobe for a minimalist look. It's a versatile pendant that will accompany you anywhere.

7. Feather Earrings

The gold feather earrings add a delicate, feminine touch to any ensemble. Made with 14k gold plated ear wires and a solid brass pendant. 

8. Deer Antler Necklace

This dainty gold deer antler necklace is a whimsical, beautiful piece of wearable art. Wear it as an accent to any outfit. This small and delicate pendant will add some pop to your favorite casual CottageCore outfit.