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Ready to Ship Corsets

These corsets are ready to ship! If you don't have time to wait for our standard processing time for made to order items, why not snag one of these corsets for your upcoming event? These corsets are ready to ship within 1-3 days! Pair it with any of our ready to ship dresses and accessories to complete your Renaissance look!

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Custom Renaissance Corsets and More

Renaissance corsets have a long history dating back to the 15th century. They were used as an undergarment to add shape and support to the body. Today, Renaissance enthusiasts still wear these corsets for both for style and function.

If you love the look of the Renaissance and Victorian eras, you may have considered purchasing a corset for yourself. Corsets are popular in these time periods because they give the women wearing them an extremely feminine figure, and often times a more hourglass shape.

Renaissance corsets are made to order in the Pacific Northwest and we ship worldwide. We have many different styles and colors to choose from. They are great for Renaissance, CottageCore, cosplay, victorian era LARPing, or any other occasion that requires a corset.

All Renaissance corsets, bodices, and stays are available in standard sizes or custom fit sizes, including plus sized, petite, and tall.

Here's a few suggestions to get you started.

1. Black Botanical Stays

Our Black Botanical Stays have a unique fabric featuring a black background with large decorative colonial floral designs that are both beautiful and completely unique. These stays fabric will hold up to many wears for years to come, and would fit into any witch costume, dark cottage core, or dark academia aesthetic.

2. Ember Dreams Red and Gold Paisley Renaissance Corset

Whether you're wrapped in a blanket on the couch, or corseted into a Renaissance Faire outfit, this cozy red Renaissance corset is a must-have for your finest wardrobes.

3. Purple Floral Silk Renaissance Bodice

Adorn yourself in all the glory of a Renaissance maiden with this lush silk bodice from our Renaissance collection. This bodice is woven from premium dupioni silk in a purple hue with mauve floral details, and will blend seamlessly into any fairy or cottage core look.

4. Red and Ivory Toile Tabbed Tudor Stays

Stays from the Tudor period are designed to shape the torso into an elegant cone. Victorian stays outline a curvy figure, but Tudor stays create the classic conical shape that is often associated with the Elizabethans, Shakespearians, and the Tudors. Simultaneously flattering and revealing, they had a fashionable silhouette that is still impressive today. This style features added waist tabs for accentuating and narrowing the waist even more.

5. Grey Floral Peacock Renaissance Bodice

Beautiful, handmade Renaissance bodice for women with a light grey floral print. This stunning piece of clothing features floral motifs and peacocks in a Jacobean-style print on a light grey background. This 100% cotton fabric is strong and breathable and will hold up to many wears for years to come.

6. Pink Peony Renaissance Bodice

This limited edition fabric design features a large pink peony flower illustrated in a watercolor style. The background consists of green leaves. This is a striking illustration on a white linen fabric. Wear this Renaissance Bodice for your next tea or garden party to create an outfit that is truly spectacular that will dazzle the eyes.

7. Rose Gold Renaissance Bodice

This bodice is ideal for your Renaissance festival wardrobe! The fabric is a woven jacquard with a floral and vine lattice pattern. This rose gold bodice pairs well with pinks, golds, and whites, for creating those softer and more romantic Renaissance, Marie Antoinette, and Rococo looks.

8. Rosey Floral Renaissance Corset

Our designer Rose Renaissance corset is a laced-up, overbust style that's both classic and feminine. Constructed of cotton matelasse fabric, it has a delicate surface texture, and is handmade in the USA. This corset's low scoop neckline accentuates the bust, and pointy V waistline accentuates the waist. With an eye-catching pink floral motif, this corset is excellent for any occasion or special outfit.

9. Sarah Sanderson Corset Top

Inspired by one of the three most iconic sisters of Halloween, this Sarah Sanderson Corset Top was designed especially for Hocus Pocus costumes and cosplays of the highest quality.