Renaissance Bodices: Wearable Fantasy

Our bodices are not just practical undergarments, but exquisite works of art imbued with hand-craftsmanship by skilled artisans in the Pacific Northwest, using only the finest fabrics and materials.

These bodices are more than just a fashion statement — they are a celebration of the beauty and power of the human form. If you’re looking to enhance your natural curves, our Renaissance bodices are the ideal choice. So come and join us on this journey, and discover the transformative power of the bodice.

1. Navy and Gold Floral Renaissance Bodice

Step into the Renaissance with the elegant Navy and Gold Floral Renaissance Bodice. This stunning piece features a delicate navy blue floral pattern with shimmering gold accents. The navy blue trim and satin lacing ribbons add finishing details to this beautiful bodice. Great for adding mystique to your Renaissance costume.

2. Black Witchy Renaissance Bodice

Call upon your inner sorceress with the Black Witchy Renaissance Bodice. This Tarot-inspired piece is made with enchanting occult motifs for casting spells or reading fortunes. The dark, witchy black fabric adds an air of mystery to this alluring corset. No matter if you’re a seasoned tarot reader or simply a lover of all things magical, this bodice is sure to be a hit.

3. Blue Floral Tapestry Bodice

Bring the wildflower meadow to your Renaissance Faire with the Blue Floral Tapestry Bodice. This intricately woven jacquard tapestry features an array of colorful floral motifs, adding a hint of whimsy to your outfit. The blue hues of the tapestry complement the lively wildflower design, making this bodice a must-have for any Renaissance lover.

4. Teal Linen Renaissance Bodice

Elevate your Renaissance style with the Teal Linen Renaissance Bodice. This classic, structured corset is made from breathable linen, making it a good choice for any occasion. The vibrant teal hue adds a pop of color for Merida cosplay, a sultry sea witch outfit, or a traditional Ren Faire costume.

5. Moss Green Embroidered Floral Renaissance Bodice

Your inner fairy will be happy with the Moss Green Embroidered Floral Renaissance Corset. This enchanting corset is made from a lush moss-green fabric, lined with delicate embroidered floral motifs. The elegant shades of green will transport you to a mystical world of moss and ivy, where you can hide away with your fairy friends. This corset is sure to be a hit at any Renaissance gathering.

6. Rosey Ivory and Blush Renaissance Corset Dress

Embrace your feminine side with the Rosey Ivory and Blush Renaissance Corset Dress. This custom-fit corset features a front-lacing design adorned with ditsy rose florals on an ivory/beige background. The faint quilted texture adds a touch of texture to this already lovely corset. The corset is paired with a soft blush pink linen skirt, making this both complete and stylish.

7. Black and Gold Paisley Renaissance Bodice

Add sophistication to your Renaissance attire with the Black and Gold Paisley Renaissance Bodice. This timeless classic features a black paisley design with swirls of gold, orange, and grey. The intricately woven jacquard fabric adds texture and depth to this elegant corset.

8. Ivory Embroidered Paisley Renaissance Bodice

The Ivory Embroidered Paisley Renaissance Bodice is made from a textured cotton/linen blend fabric, featuring ivory embroidered paisley motifs on an ivory background. This delicate and feminine corset is solid for a wedding gown or engagement photos for adding CottageCore charm to any outfit.

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