Reign Supreme in Renaissance Corsets and Accessories

Welcome to French Meadows, where elegance meets craftsmanship. Our handcrafted Renaissance corsets and accessories are ideal for Renaissance Faires and cosplay enthusiasts. Each corset is created in-house in the Pacific Northwest using premium, eco-responsible materials, ensuring that every piece is not only visually stunning but also comfortable and durable to wear.

No matter you’re looking to attend a Renaissance Faire, or cosplay as your favorite historical character, we will help you achieve that authentic Renaissance look!

1. Red Linen Renaissance Cloak

This classic cloak features a striking red color and the rustic texture of linen. Ideal for Renaissance Faires, Red Riding Hood cosplays, or LARPing in the forest. The linen fabric’s unique properties will keep you comfortable in any weather, allowing you to seamlessly transition from cold meadows to hot Renaissance Faires while the cloak is secured with a durable bronze leaf clasp at the neck.

2. Grey Jacobean Floral Renaissance Bodice

The Grey Jacobean Floral Renaissance Bodice is influenced by the grand Jacobean tapestries, boasting a detailed floral motif. This versatile piece can be worn in any season, regardless if you’re enjoying a winter adventure or a summer picnic.

3. Snow White Blue and Gold Jacquard Stays

The Snow White Blue and Gold Jacquard Stays are designed to evoke the imagery of Snow White in her cottage. The rich blue fabric adorned with gold swirls is a solid choice for any princess or fair maiden. Whenever you’re singing with birds or foraging among the rabbits, this corset adds a touch of natural beauty to your look. The blue and gold jacquard design is a true Renaissance classic, making it a piece you will wear again and again for formal events, casual looks, and various costumes and cosplays

4. Black and Green Brocade Stays

These Black and Green Brocade Stays are a must-have accessory for all, from moonlight dwellers and magick makers to Versailles socialites and Parisian sophisticates. The green and black design is opulent, making it a piece you will wear again and again for formal events, casual looks, and various costumes and cosplays. It’s great for those who appreciate a decadent look.

5. Black and Red Brocade Tudor Stays

The Black and Red Brocade Tudor Stays evoke thoughts of adventure and intrigue, whether you’re sneaking through castles at midnight, tiptoeing through candlelit halls, or practicing herb magic under a full moon. The black chenille fabric, woven with a rich brocade design in red, is both beautiful and durable, making it an A+ companion to linen skirts and chemises. Our corsets are made with longevity in mind, ensuring that this piece, like the memories you make wearing it, will last you a lifetime

6. Black Floral Rococo Renaissance Bodice

This Black Floral Rococo Renaissance Bodice is a stylish choice for those who appreciate 18th-century fashion, from spellcasters to aristocrats. Gold, pink, and blue flower motifs adorn the intricately woven jacquard black fabric. It’s good for creating vampire, witch, or even Marie Antoinette-inspired looks.

7. Blue Floral Tapestry Bodice

The Blue Floral Tapestry Bodice is a perfect addition to any Renaissance Faire ensemble, crafted with an intricately woven jacquard tapestry fabric featuring an array of floral designs in a variety of wildflower hues. The vintage style of this bodice makes it a timeless addition to any collection and its durability ensures it will withstand the rigors of a festive day at the faire.

8. Orange Rust Linen Renaissance Skirt

Our orange rust linen Renaissance skirt is made of 100% linen, providing breathability and a flowing drape. Linen is a historically accurate choice for historical costumes, and this skirt will add a level of authenticity to your ensemble. The elastic waistband offers a comfortable fit around your waist. The burnt orange color of this skirt makes it a sincere complement to Autumn themed Renaissance and Cottagecore outfits


Processing Time

All made-to-order items are handmade in Portland, Oregon. This means that your item will take some time for us to make — typically between 6-10 weeks, depending on our current order volume.

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