Accessories For Every Outfit

To Renaissance or not to Renaissance? Our accessories including belts, earrings, necklaces, and hair bows span a wide variety of options to complete any persona. 

Whether you’re seeking something sexy, something cute, something fun, or something tough, we’ve got the accessories for you! 

Need some inspiration? Check out some of our favorites.

1. Twisted Branch Ring

The Twisted Branch Ring is the ideal addition to your medieval ensemble. This adjustable metal ring made from metal alloy features a twisted twig branch design. Hobbits, elves, and forest creatures alike will delight in the simplicity of this ring.

2. Renaissance Belt

Our bestselling Renaissance Belt is the #1 most essential accessory for upgrading your Renaissance costume from average to outstanding. Instantly add layers of authenticity to your costume by looping this belt in a medieval or Viking style. You can add all of your Renaissance accessories and wares to this belt to further heighten your Renaissance look.

3. Silver Anduril Sword Necklace

Show your adoration and allegiance to the King of the free people, Aragorn, with this stunning pendant that is fashioned after the legendary sword of Anduril. Like its real-world counterpart, this high quality replica features a circle on its guard symbolizing harmony and completeness. This pendant brings unity and harmony to your inner self and peace to your mind.

4. Tavern Mug

Take your favorite beverages for a ride in style with our fantastic Tavern Beer Mug! This handsome mug can hold a pint of your favorite beer, water or other libation, and is constructed from high quality stainless steel that will last years of use. Pair it with our Tavern Mug Strap to attach it to your Renaissance Belt in style.

5. Amanita Mushroom Dangle Earrings

Become a fungus among us with these Red Amanita Muscaria Mushroom Earrings. Nothing says whimsy like cute little mushrooms. These whimiscal little mushrooms are sure to turn heads as a side-kick to any outfit.

6. Skirt Hikes for Renaissance Belts

Our Skirt Hikes are a beautiful addition to any Renaissance Belt, or design your own belt and add these for an elegant boost! Made of vegan leather and aluminum O-Rings, these can be used to pull a too-long skirt up from the ground, or to add a bit of tavern style to your Renaissance costume. Each piece is made by hand with love and care to create a beautiful accessory for Renaissance Faire, cosplay, LARP costumes, and more!

7. Raven Skull Necklace

Everyday or costume, this raven skull necklace will add an eerie edge to your daily wardrobe. You’ll find it great for completing your Renaissance Faire, witch, or gothic costume. So, be a little different and let everyone know you’re magically different!

8. Moon and Sword Earrings

Be sure to grab a pair of these Moon and Sword earrings, featuring a silver moon and sword pendant. Inspired by the Major Arcana of the tarot, these Renaissance-period earrings are perfect for daily wear, or to wear with your witch cosplay. If you need a gift for your friends or family, or want to treat yourself, these beautiful and meaningful earrings will satisfy all needs.

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