Transform Yourself Into a Work of Art With Our Tudor and Elizabethan Stays

If you want to take your Renaissance game to the next level, adding Tudor and Elizabethan stays will give you the authentic look you desire. These stays will cinch your waist and add structure to your outfit, creating a stunning silhouette that will turn heads at any Renaissance Faire or event. Don’t miss out on the chance to own a piece of history and elevate your ensemble – shop our Tudor and Elizabethan stays now!

1. Black and Gold Jacquard Tabbed Tudor Stays

Don’t just dress up in your finest gown and crown — don your Tudor corset and go from a mere mortal to the epitome of beauty.

Tudor stays were designed to create the classic conical shape of the 16th century. Unlike the curvy shape created by Victorian corsets, Tudor stays create the cone-like shape that is typical of this historical period.

No matter if you’re preparing to rule over a kingdom or simply want to feel worshipped while wearing your favorite dress on date night (or both!), this is the best accessory for your cosplay needs.

2. Tudor Wedding Gown

Embrace the glamour of the Tudor era with our stunning Tudor Wedding Gown. As you glide through the Renaissance Faire or play the role of Anne Boleyn, this gown will transport you to a period of opulent courts and sophistication. The black and gold brocade chenille fabric is richly detailed, while the back lacing tudor corset cinches you in for a striking conical silhouette. The open front skirt, made in matching fabric, is a separate piece that allows for endless mixing and matching possibilities. With this gown, the possibilities for role-playing are endless — let your imagination run wild and become the queen of the Renaissance in our Tudor Wedding Gown.

3. Black and Red Brocade Tudor Stays

The Black and Red Jacquard Tudor Stays dreams of adventure, intrigue, and the night. It is a wardrobe staple for anyone who dabbles in herb magic or wishes to creep through castles at midnight. Its regality makes it a versatile companion to linens skirts and chemises.

These Black and Red Jacquard Stays are made of a gorgeous black chenille fabric woven with a decadent brocade design in red. It is as majestic as it is durable—the ideal companion for any lady who likes to play many roles!

4. Dark Red Tapestry Elizabethan Stays

Regardless if you’re looking to feel your most striking or just want to embody the essence of an era gone by, our Dark Red Tapestry Elizabethan Stays has got you covered. Made with a fabric that feels like silk and velvet, this bodice features a Jacquard floral tapestry motif in dark red on a black background. The ribbon waist ties are long enough to wrap twice around your waist or tie in front.

The Dark Red Tapestry Bodice is for any occasion where you want to look and feel your best: from dinner guests to Ren Faires and everything in between.

5. Tea Rose Ivory and Pink Elizabethan Stays

Ahh, the sweet smell of fresh roses. That’s what you’ll be smelling when you wear these exquisite floral Elizabethan stays. They’re made from a linen fabric that is strong and breathable, but also delicate and feminine. The bust is comprised of beautiful blooming roses and floral motifs in a watercolor style on an ivory background. This color combination makes for a romantic look that will easily transition from day to night wear. Layer it over a vintage dress or pair it with a cute pair of high-waisted jeans for a contemporary look. Then layer it over a billowy blouse and a maxi skirt and wear it to your local Renaissance Faire.

6. Rose Gold Elizabethan Stays

Experience the beauty of the Elizabethan era with our Rose Gold Elizabethan Stays. Inspired by the classic conical shape of Tudor corsets, or stays, these stays will help you create an authentic and striking look. The two-tone rose gold jacquard fabric of our Elizabethan Stays is a luxurious and versatile choice, making it great for both neutral and bold combinations.

7. French Blue Elizabethan Tudor Stays

Escape to a world of fantasy with our French Blue Elizabethan Tudor Stays. The fabric, featuring an 18th-century pastoral scene in a stunning French blue on an off-white background, whisks you to a time of royal courts and grand balls. Whether you’re playing the role of a princess at a Renaissance Faire or channeling your inner historical fashionista, these stays will complete your dreamy, fantastical look.

8. Maroon and Gold Chenille Tudor Stays

Add glamour to your Renaissance experience with our Maroon and Gold Chenille Tudor Stays. The deep burgundy and gold brocade chenille fabric is richly detailed, while the waist tabs, adjustable shoulder straps, and back lacing ensure a comfortable and flawless fit. Rows of boning cover the front of the stays, creating a stiff and supportive shape that will make you stand out at any Renaissance Faire or event. These stays are the perfect finishing touch for any fantasy-inspired costume, making you the center of attention and the embodiment of elegance.

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