CottageCore: Chic and Cozy, Refined and Earthy

The French Meadows CottageCore line is made up of handmade, high-quality, and custom corsets, accessories, and apparel to complete your CottageCore aesthetic.

We have a variety of different styles of corsets and accessories to choose from so you can find one that fits your body type and taste.

Our products are all designed with the authentic CottageCore aesthetic in mind: a luxurious, fantasy world where everything is feminine, beautiful and elegant. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality products so you can feel great about yourself while looking amazing!

1. Woodland Creatures Renaissance Bodice

The woodland creatures Renaissance bodice is a comfortable, cozy, and gorgeous corset designed to help you play the role of your dreams.

Put on this bodice, and you’ll feel like a woodland creature—a fairy or nymph maybe. You’ll be able to dream up any kind of game or performance you want to play: maybe you’ll be a princess with powers that comes to life when she kisses the frog prince. Maybe you’ll be an evil witch who wants to eat all of her enemies’ hearts.

This corset will make it easy for you to slip into whatever character suits your fancy!

2. Bees on Blue Linen Elizabethan Stays

When you don the bees on blue linen Elizabethan stays, you’ll be set free from the cares of this world, and will instead enjoy a daydream-like state in which you can’t help but feel like a princess.

The corset is a match for springtime CottageCore, so it’s ideal for those who like to wear colorful clothing. It features a blue linen body with bees embroidered all over it. The corsets have a dreamy floral design along the top edge, giving them an elegant and feminine look that will make you feel like royalty.

3. Green Puff Sleeve Linen Chemise

If you’re looking for a little bit of Renaissance in your life, then look no further than this off-the-shoulder peasant chemise.

This green puff sleeve linen chemise is an excellent staple to wear under your corset or CottageCore costume, or simply wear it on its own for a simple and carefree look.

Wear this chemise around your shoulders as you stroll through a forest full of wildflowers… or put on your favorite corset over it and take a walk through your local Renaissance Faire! You could even wear it while working in your garden: the world really is your oyster when you have this chemise in your closet!

4. Butterfly linen Renaissance Bodice

When you wear this corset, you will be taken to a world of dreams. A world where butterflies dance on an ivory background, while you float through the air in your butterfly linen Renaissance bodice.

With a thick and durable linen/cotton blend fabric for any occasion, it will hold up for many wears, so you can enjoy this dreamy look for every season.

5. Long Puff Sleeve Linen Chemise

This off-the-shoulder white peasant chemise is the perfect addition to any CottageCore wardrobe, whether worn under a corset or on its own for a simple and breezy look.

Made from 100% luxuriously soft, breathable, and lightweight linen, this chemise will take you to a springtime paradise with every wear. Linen has been used for centuries as the historically accurate fabric choice for chemises, and you will understand why once you feel the cozy and comforting touch of this fabric against your skin.

Featuring long puff sleeves with delicate elastic for a fairytale puff, a ruffled neckline, and elastic around the shoulders, this chemise will hug your body in all the right places, allowing you to relax and fully enjoy the dreamlike CottageCore lifestyle.

6. Butterfly Choker Necklace

This butterfly choker necklace is for faeries, witches, Victorian debutantes, and anyone who loves the coziness of CottageCore style.

The choker features a black lacey butterfly hanging from a velvet ribbon. The ribbon has an adjustable chain and lobster clasp in the back so you can find a comfortable fit around your neck.

When you wear this choker, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported into a carefree world where everything is whimsical—just like your favorite fairytale.

7. Teal Witchy Corset Belt

Embrace the magic of nature with this enchanting teal green corset belt, adorned with imagery of cats, potions, mushrooms, and frogs. This CottageCore corset belt is crafted from 100% cotton canvas, a sustainable and durable fabric that will hold up to years of spellbinding wear. Add mysticism to any CottageCore ensemble.

Processing Time

All made-to-order items are handmade in Portland, Oregon. This means that your item will take some time for us to make — typically between 6-10 weeks, depending on our current order volume.

You can guarantee your processing time by selecting a Priority Processing Upgrade from the drop-down menu.

Please note that the processing time does not include shipping time. For example, an item purchased today with a 4 week processing time will be shipped 4 weeks from today.

Standard size corsets/stays are considered made-to-order unless otherwise noted. For custom fit items, this processing time begins from the time you submit your measurements. Failure to submit your measurements in a timely manner could result in your order being delayed.

Please note that the estimated delivery date is just an estimate. We only have a small team of fairies to help pattern, cut, sew, and ship your order, so sometimes orders can get delayed by a week or two. If you need your order by an exact date, we highly recommend adding Priority Processing to your order.

*Please note that the estimated delivery date will not update on this page, regardless of which Processing option you select.