The Best Underbust Corset You’ll Ever Wear

Our classic underbust Corsets are made with the highest-quality materials and guaranteed to last you through years of wear. Each one is handcrafted by our team of experts in the Pacific Northwest, so you know it’s going to be perfect for your needs.

These corsets are designed specifically for Renaissance and fantasy cosplay enthusiasts, but they’re also great if you just want to look good in your everyday life. We have a wide range of colors and styles available so that no matter what kind of outfit you’re wearing, we’ve got something that will match.

1. Black Tarot Underbust Bodice

You’re a witch and a queen, and you want to look like it. You don’t need to sacrifice your strength for style when you wear this corset dress! This black tarot underbust bodice features a wide array of witchy designs, including tarot cards and the sun and moon on either side of your bust. This corset dress is made with high-quality materials that will keep you comfortable while you cast spells and read astrology charts with the ladies in your coven.

2. Red Linen Underbust Bodice

This bodice is excellent for bold women who want to make a statement. With its low neckline and deep shade of red fabric, this corset will draw attention wherever you go. Whether you’re going to an event or just out with friends, this bodice will help you feel confident and beautiful no matter where you are.

3. Mustard Corduroy Underbust Bodice

The warmth of the sun, the coolness of the wind, and the softness of your favorite blanket are all captured in this yellow corduroy underbust bodice. This versatile corset pairs well with outfits on the coldest winter nights or on the hottest summer days. It can be worn as an undergarment for a little extra support or as outerwear for a more casual look. The mustard color is ideal for a lively, bright look at Renaissance Faires and festivals!

4. Moroccan Red/Beige Underbust Bodice

This bodice is a dream come true for any woman who has ever wanted to feel like she’s part of a storybook. It features an abstract Moroccan-style design with red, brown, beige, and black tones on a linen blend fabric. The wearer will feel as if she’s living in a fantasy world where she can play any role she wants—a warrior princess? Royalty? A peasant girl? It doesn’t matter! It’s all possible with this bodice at your side.

5. Green Linen Underbust Corset

This underbust corset features 100% linen fabric in a beautiful shade of dark green. The linen is a durable, sustainable, and historically accurate choice for Renaissance corsets. This color matches well with many neutral tones and will pair effortlessly with any neutral items in your wardrobe.

This garment fits the bill for all types of roles. Some ideas? Duchesses, queens, and other royal figures of high stature who need to look dignified while maintaining their comfort, and merchants who are looking to make a good impression on customers while still being able to move around easily throughout the day. If green is your color, this is going to work.

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