The Witchy, Dark Side of Fashion

Whether you’re a witch, a warlock, or just a fan of Halloween, there’s no denying that witches are cool. They’re powerful, they’ve got the best wardrobes, and they can fly on broomsticks.

With our line of witch corsets and accessories, you’ll be transported into the witchy role you previously could only fantasize about. You’ll feel like you’re flying through the air on your broomstick with every step—and you’ll look great doing it!

1. Teal Witchy Corset Belt

Reveal your inner witch with this spooky corset belt. Featuring an assortment of mushrooms, cats, potions and frogs, you’ll be sure to impress the entire coven. Made from 100% cotton canvas, a sustainable and durable fabric that will hold up to years of use, this Witchy Corset Belt makes a perfect addition to any witchy wardrobe!

2. Woodland Creatures Renaissance Bodice

The woodland corset is a classic that will transport you to the spirit of the forest where you can roam the earth and tread lightly on its mossy carpet. Unite with this beautiful fabric that contains rabbits, mushrooms, antlers and ferns for a witchy, whimsical look!

3. Black Tarot Underbust Bodice

The Black Tarot Underbust Bodice is ideal for those who want to dress to impress their coven or fellow tavern ladies. This underbust bodice features an assortment of tarot designs that can be seen from afar, without sacrificing style. The thick 100% cotton canvas fabric is durable and strong, providing the reliable corset structure you love without sacrificing style.

4. Black Tulle Cloak

Our Black Tulle Renaissance Cloaks are the premier costume accessory to help complete your witchy look. Designed in soft and ethereal tulle fabric, with an ultra-long train, this cloak will trail ominously behind you as you slip between shadowy corners. An ornate metal clasp holds the cloak securely across your neck.

5. Black Point d’Esprit Tulle Dress

Cast a spell while wearing our Black Point d’Esprit Tulle Dress, a timeless and ever-flattering classic, making the best Halloween, Renaissance, or gothic party dress or underlayer for our corsets.

6. Tarot Dangle Earrings

The tarot dangle earrings are the optimal statement piece for lovers of tarot, the occult, and witchcraft. These lightweight, asymmetrical earrings feature sun, moon, and star pendants of different shapes and sizes on a French hook.

7. Black Witchy Renaissance Bodice

You are the sorceress of your own fate. This Black Witchy Renaissance Bodice is your ticket to magical empowerment. The top corset for casting spells, reading fortunes, or concocting potions, this Tarot inspired bodice has it all. This witchy black fabric consists of a delightful assortment of Tarot and Occult motifs for you or the Tarot lover in your life.

8. Gold Mushroom Tarot Earrings

The Gold Mushroom Tarot Earrings are a light, dangly way to show off your mystical artistry. These lightweight earrings feature a sun, moon, and star pendant dangling from a gold mushroom, for the witch in all of us.

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