Face the World With Confidence and Grace in a Standout Yellow Corset

Oh, yellow.

The color of the sun and the moon, of the sunflowers and buttercups, of the canary and the daffodil. The hue that makes us think of springtime, childhood, and happiness. Yellow is a color that makes us feel warm inside, that makes us smile at our own reflections in the mirror. Yellow is a color so bright it seems to have its own light.

Yellow corsets are an excellent choice for anyone looking to add some spice to their wardrobe this season! These corsets come in an array of different shades from pale yellow to deep gold and everything in between.

1. Yellow and White Floral Renaissance Corset

This corset, made from a luxurious fabric featuring a golden yellow floral pattern on an ivory background, will make you feel like you’re wearing the most beautiful gown in the world. The intricate jacquard weaving technique used to create this pattern is one of the oldest known in modern times and makes this corset look like it came straight out of a fairy tale.

2. Yellow Floral Corset Belt

This Yellow Floral Corset Belt is made from 100% cotton fabric in golden mustard yellow and is embroidered with a variety of foliage perfect for Autumn. This belt can be paired easily with costume pieces for Renaissance Faire costumes, or transition seamlessly into everyday wear as a statement belt.

3. Poppy and Gold Floral Renaissance Corset

The Poppy and Gold Floral Elizabethan stays are the ideal way to channel your inner Renaissance queen. These corsets are made of gorgeous materials and have a unique floral pattern that will make you feel like you’re walking through a field of wildflowers on your way to meet your lover!

4. Orange and Yellow Paisley Renaissance Bodice

This orange and yellow corset is great for Renaissance Faire events, theatrical productions, and other costume parties. The intricate pattern of gold, orange, blue and yellow paisleys are woven into the surface of a beige jacquard fabric with gold satin trim.

5. Mustard Yellow Corduroy Renaissance Corset

For a more mild, earthy look, try this corset in mustard yellow.

This corset features mustard yellow corduroy fabric made from 100% cotton. The versatility of this color is excellent for spring and fall Renaissance Faire, cottage core, and hobbit looks.

6. Falling Leaves Orange and Gold Paisley Renaissance Corset

You’ll be ready to celebrate the Autumn Equinox in style with this intricately-woven yellow corset, decorated with swirls of gold leaves and orange vines. Each curving line is a reminder of the cool breezes and falling leaves that await you in autumn.

This romantic and bohemian corset will become a Renaissance season favorite no matter what month of the year it is.

7. Embroidered Daisy 18th Century Stays

Our Embroidered Daisy 18th Century Stays are a yellow corset that is fitted for maximum breathability and support. Dandelion yellow, forest green, and cloud-white hues threaded onto a sandy background evoke whimsy and delight while wearing this piece.


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